Dear Writer:

Whether you are a published author or just starting out in your career, welcome. At Rebecca Weston Literary, we always start with a conversation. Before we can form a successful editing relationship, it is important for us to share a vision for the manuscript at hand. Once you send me an introductory email, along with materials for me to review, we will set up a brief phone call, during which I will listen to what you need and share with you how I can help. From there, we will discuss timeline and pricing. 

Rebecca Westion's Writing Desk

Some directions that the editing process can take:

Big-picture guidance

I help you understand your target audience, encourage you to explore one direction over another, and give general feedback on plotting, characters, pacing, tone, and other big-picture aspects, as needed. I send you a brief editorial letter that includes general notes on these big-picture concepts, and we have a phone conversation once you have had a chance to look over these notes. 

DETAILED Editorial Letter & manuscript notes

I work with you on big-picture issues such as plotting, characters, pacing, and tone to help you find the perfect balance for your story, while also providing specific examples, notes, and questions throughout your manuscript, geared toward helping you to address these aspects. I send you a thorough editorial letter that includes detailed, page-by-page notes. Once you have had time to read through my letter and notes, we have a phone conversation and regroup.

Line editing

I edit sentence structure, voice, and grammar through intricate, line-by-line editing. Writers often ask for this service at the end of the editing process, but this can be done in conjunction with big-picture guidance or with a detailed editorial letter and page-by-page notes. After you have reviewed my line edits, we jump on the phone for a conversation.

QUERY letters

I edit your agent- or publisher-targeted query letter, or query letter and sample pages, sharing insight into what agents and editors look for, helping you to position your book in the marketplace, and working on the language on a line-by-line level. We then discuss my edits over the phone once you have had time to look over everything. 

Combination or Multiple edit rounds

Often, writers request some combination of the above. Or writers will sometimes ask to work with me on a big-picture round and then request a follow-up edit that is more specific. I am happy to accommodate writers and to tailor each edit to fit your needs.

At Rebecca Weston Literary, we always end with a conversation. After I have sent you my edits, I will provide you with the opportunity to ask me questions and discuss your ideas. Every editorial option includes a thirty-minute conversation.

Please note: Due to demand, I cannot take on as a client every writer who contacts me, but I will be sure to respond to your email in a timely fashion.


Dear Agent or Publisher:

In addition to providing editorial services to writers not yet represented, I work with authors represented by agents, as well as authors who have already found their publishing homes. I am available as a freelance editor, reader, book doctor, consultant, and to help out with whatever needs an extra set of eyes. I work to accommodate your hectic schedule.

Conferences & Workshops

As an editor at Random House Children’s Books, I traveled to many different conferences and workshops, from the Vermont College of Fine Arts (VCFA) to the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), to Highlights® workshops. At these events and others, I gave talks to audiences both large and small, led group critiques, provided one-on-one feedback, and spoke on panels with other publishing professionals. 

As an independent editor, I am available to participate at conferences, writing workshops, writing groups, book clubs, libraries, bookstores, and more. I am available upon request to do the following:

Give talks on the craft of writing, the editing process, the publishing industry, and related topics.
Lead group critiques and provide written or verbal feedback.
Provide one-on-one critiques, either written or verbal.
Lead group discussions on a variety of topics, from the publishing industry to craft.
Participate in panel discussions.

If you have another request, just ask!